Two New Babies

My sister and her husband Eric recently found out that they are pregnant. Well, not only just pregnant, but pregnant with twins! I was so excited when I heard my sissy was having a baby,  I jumped up and down and danced like a crazy person. My best friend Katie had a baby last year and now my sister was going to have two also! My heart is full. If you ask both of them they would say it is now time for me to have one...Maybe soon!

Kasey and Eric got married young. Seeing as she is four years older than me, I was even younger. 17 to be exact. I remember being excited that Kasey was getting married, but I didn't quite get the excitement around weddings at that age. I was just thinking about going to college and maybe one day falling in love and having a wedding of my own. Although I was Kasey's Maid of Honor, I feel I was kind of a cruddy one. I will blame most of that on my age and inexperience, but when I saw how many wonderful things she did as my matron of honor all these years later, I began to feel a little guilty. My goal is to make that up with the coming of these new babies! We are doing a small gender reveal in March which I can't wait for. Mom and I will be hosting it and we have a lot of great things planned. Then there will be showers galore!

I'm so proud of my sister in these first 13 weeks of pregnancy. She hasn't felt the greatest, but she has been a trooper. I know she is nervous about having twins, but she already has so much love for them. It is inspiring and so sweet to see! I can't wait to find out if they are boys, girls, or both and I REALLY can't wait to hold them in my arms! I really hope I am a good auntie to them as a role model as they navigate through this crazy thing called life. I will always be there for them to laugh and cry with and I hope they see me as a person to turn to.

I can't wait until March when I can write a post about the gender reveal and share some awesome pictures that Jimmy will take with his Christmas gift. :)

Until later,