Girls Weekend in Freddysburg

I've been a tad absent this past week from the outlet that is my blog. I apologize for that to you, whomever enjoys reading this, and to myself, for not taking enough breaks to put my thoughts on paper (keyboard). Over Easter weekend, mom, Kasey, Carly and I went to Fredericksburg, TX for a little girls weekend getaway. I think at one time we asked the men if they wanted to join, but they all adamantly said no. No skin off our behinds, we all needed a little "estrofest" and a chance to just be the wonderful women we are. I think it is important to spend time with other women. We are a powerful and beautiful group, and I think we need the energy and positivity that other women can bring. Mom, Kasey, and I headed down there on Friday morning. We picked up some groceries in Fredericksburg and then made the short drive to our cottage that we rented outside of town. This cottage was the cutest thing! It was very well maintained, comfy, and had awesome views. Shirley, the owner, came over to greet us when we got there and she had made us a homemade banana bread! Man, what an awesome lady! Here is the link to her cottage. I would 100% recommend staying there if you are ever in the area. It is about a 15 minute drive into Fredericksburg and the cottage is located on such a peaceful plot of land. I found myself a little envious of the life that Shirley and her husband had set up for themselves. I've never fancied myself a city girl, so how I ended up living 15 minutes from downtown Dallas I have no idea. I'm not even sure how many acres Shirley's house sits on, but I found myself in awe of the quiet calm that came over me out there. Everything falls away when you are drinking your tea looking out over the creek. The hustle and bustle of life and work quiets down and all that matters is that you are alive. I love, love, love Jimmy and I's house and it will always have a warm place in my heart because it is the first home we have owned together. But, my hope later on down the road is that Jimmy and I can find or build a place on a plot of land where I can find that same peace. I know it is out there, just have to go searching for it.

Mom, Kase, and I cooked our own dinner Friday night and enjoyed each others company out back around the fire pit. It was a little cold that night, but we managed after we bundled Kasey up in blankets ;). The next morning Carly met us at the cottage and we headed into town for some pampering. The day started out a bit disappointing because the lady doing mom's facial got sick and canceled. We weren't too happy about that. Carly and I ended up getting massages that were for the most part relaxing. We joked that we needed to take the feather-light pressure of her lady and the bulldozer pressure of mine, mix them together and it would be the perfect massage. When my lady first started, I almost had to reach out and hold on to the table! She was a bit intense, but all in all it was a good massage. After the spa we headed into town to get some lunch and check out the shops. We ate at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company and had some of their creations on tap. They were pretty darn good and mom, Carly, and I left lunch a little tipsy. That made going through the shops somewhat difficult :). There is a lot more to see in Fredericksburg than I remembered (I hadn't been there since I was little). There are a ton of cute, little shops that we spent the day going in and out of. We all picked up a couple of things and by the end of the day we were pretty tired. Probably Kasey especially since she is technically walking around as a three-pod. I definitely felt like I could have seen more though. This part of Texas is definitely wine country, and all or most of the wineries have shops that you can go in a sample their wine. You can even walk on the street with it, which I am always a fan of. I'd like to go back and do the wine tour thing sometime. We headed back to the cottage, made a fire, and cooked up some dinner. We spent a long time out at the fire talking about life, love, and longings and then headed inside to watch Notting Hill (I told you, estrofest). Sunday came around and Carly headed back to Caleb. Mom, Kasey, and I had an exceptionally lazy day that none of us felt any guilt about. We watched movies, relaxed, and ate leftovers. Monday came too quickly, we packed it all up, and headed into Austin to have lunch with Caleb. Monday was mom's birthday, so that worked out perfectly! Its always good to see the brother!

We all headed back to our separate homes and bid the weekend goodbye. It was just what I needed. Some girl time with the ladies I hold closest and some mental relaxation that I was craving. I definitely would love to head back to Fredericksburg again. Maybe bring Jimmy this time and get a little sloppy on wine :). Mom, Kase, Carly...I love you women dearly. You calm my spirit (except sometimes you Kase, when you decide to rile it up, haha) and brighten my heart! I can't wait for our next adventure!

Until next time,