Blindness, Bandaids, and Books: My Week

Image borrowed from Goodreads. 

Image borrowed from Goodreads. 

Do you ever feel like you've lost like a month of your life? That when you're sick you get sucked into a dark vortex? And when you emerge on the other side you think "WTF just happened?" Well that was my last week. I got cellulitis in my eye (gross. I mean who gets that?), and it went from bad to worse. 

This is a 24hr progression... dang! 'Scuse the brows!

This is a 24hr progression... dang! 'Scuse the brows!

It started last Monday as an irritation. It felt gritty, and like a numby head, I rubbed it and rubbed it. I woke up Tuesday morning with a red eyelid and swollen lymph nodes. I knew I was traveling to Houston soon to see my family and to help host a shower for my beloved Cat Pad, so I decided to visit the Care Now down the street for some eye drops. I went, he hummed and hawed, told me I "probably have pinkeye" and gave me a prescription for eye drops. I used them consistently throughout the day, hoping for improvement. Well... I woke up the next morning with my eye even bigger and much worse. 

Long story short, I went to my family doctor, who diagnosed me with cellulitis, not pink eye, got oral antibiotics, the pain was horrible, eye got worse, went back to the doctor, added another antibiotic and received a lovely shot in my bum (ow). BTW, don't ever enter a room and say, "This shot is not pleasant, just a warning." No one needs to know that. I'll find out soon enough, lady. Two days later, eye was improving, but I was covered in hives. Back to the doctor. Man... good times. 

Don't mess around when it comes to your eyes people! Those suckers are too close to your brain. I almost ended up in the hospital! And I missed the shower :(. So a week later, I've emerged from my sick bed, with not much accomplished other than not dying. Thanks to my family for entertaining me, helping me, and loving me this week. Jimmy was out of town, and I am lucky to have you guys a car ride away. 

Luckily, I am able to find grand escapes in good books. I can distract myself with a twisty mystery, a budding romance, a serial killer on the prowl. And that is just what I did this week with Gilly MacMillan's What She KnewBooks like this give me great hope! It was very well written, fast-paced, and gripping. But it was also Gilly's first novel. I love reading debut novels by authors. It gives me hope that I too will one day publish my own novel. 

I 100% recommend picking up this book. It's a creepily delicious read. 

What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan (my own, quick synopsis) 

Rachel Jenner is a young, single mother with a mournful past and a harsh present. She's walking in the woods with her beautiful son, Ben, a trip they make almost every weekend. She's indulging him in small talk, laughing at his eight-year-old antics, but she's also mourning the loss of her marriage. She's thinking about her ex-husbands new, pretty wife. And then Ben asks to run ahead to the rope swing. In an instant, Rachel has to make a decision. She has to be both Mom and Dad. She chooses to offer Ben some independence. Sure, run ahead, but stay close. 

Ben disappears. Rachel is frantic. Search parties go out. Ben's disappearance becomes national news. Every one who knew Ben or came in contact with him is brought in for questioning. Including Rachel herself. And the media does what it does best. It starts to speculate. It starts to turn on a grieving mother. Rachel starts doubting who she can trust and starts to put clues together of her own. Is this abduction the act of a depraved stranger? Or do the answers lie much closer to home? 

Read it to find out!! 

Anyone else read any good books lately? Let me know... I'm on the hunt! 

Until next time,